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What we do
“Developing an ambitious business strategy is one thing but executing it successfully is another.”

BAER Institute works with organizations to implement knowledge from business analysis and effectiveness research to deliver competitive results. We have a clear and unique understanding of how organizations are most successfully designed. We use this knowledge on with our clients to help them build effective organizations that engage leadership that is good, energizes employees to perform better, and deliver results that are the best in their markets. BAER Institute collaborates with CEOs, business owners and business unit leaders to develop a process models that work for you. Our clients experience success through:
  • Compelling strategies that are clearly articulated
  • Effective business processes and systems that are accelerated
  • Human capital that is developed and accentuated
  • Organizational structures that are aligned
  • Business results that are sustainable
The Challenge
“How do I structure my business to deliver excellent and sustainable results?”

BAER Institute provides senior executives with a disciplined approach to understanding their situation through business analysis and rigorously researched methods of building effective organizations. Our expertise has delivered results when applied to a wide range of business issues such as:
  • Mature businesses that need a new strategic direction
  • Mergers and Acquisitions that need to converge processes
  • Corporate restructuring
  • New Market expansions
  • Innovations
  • Start-ups
Solve problems fast.
The expertise and tools that BAER Institute offers help you quickly answer tough questions ranging from high-level strategy to day-to-day operations. Online tools and in-person consulting offers numerous opportunities to share access to best practices.

Make smarter decisions.
BAER Institute provides senior executives with a disciplined approach to understanding their situation through business analysis and rigorously researched methods of building effective organizations. We also help you avoid missteps and reduce risks by staying on top of emerging issues and making informed decisions based on best practices and trend data from the world's leading organizations.

Enable learning and development.
Whether you’re a global organization looking to reach the next level, new to the marketplace and eager to get up to speed quickly, or a leader seeking to elevate your organization’s capability, Baer Institute has the right learning and development resources to get you where you need to be. Our resources include: instructor-led training, seminars, webinars, online tools, simulations, expert panels, and direct consulting.

Get Results
We offer our clients a dashboard that allows them to monitor strategic alignment frequently, comprehensively and accurately. This points out problem solving opportunities that drive excellent business results.

Our Approach
BAER Institute converges six sigma process models that are repeatable and scalable with proven practices and tools from organizational development. This convergence provides a unique model that delivers a comprehensive approach to business effectiveness.

Successful executives and professionals turn to BAER Institute for the essential guidance that drives better decision making and superior outcomes. Across markets and industries, we’re the indispensable source of best practice research and application for corporations that have an appetite for growth and are dedicated to excellence.

With BAER Institute’s research, you benefit from the most current thinking on executing competitive advantage strategies. We remain in contact with some of the world’s most successful organizational leaders, combining their frontline insights with our own applied business analysis and effectiveness research. As a result, you benefit from being informed about today’s critical strategic debates and accelerate your ability to execute effective processes across your entire organization.
Our approach has elegant and simple design elements:
Deep Expertise
Each client is assigned an appropriate team of professionals who provide deep expertise in translating strategy into an organization design that achieves business goals.

Research-based Tools
We have a suite of tried and tested research-based tools and methodologies that deliver business results. Our approach uses rigorous methodology to investigate facts, feelings and perceptions that are relevant to your business. The (need a different word here) are an unparalleled portfolio of best practice research, benchmarking data, and execution tools and templates to support daily workflow and strategic priorities.

Sample tools include:
  • Leadership Development Survey
  • Strategy Assessment Toolkit
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Business Process Dashboard
  • Sustainability Toolkit
Transferring Knowledge
We share (offer) our knowledge of management behaviors to business leaders so that you develop the capability of addressing issues that can derail business performance during periods of organizational change. By transferring knowledge and developing capability in our clients we help them lead and manage change more effectively.

“Is the hard work of building effective organizations worth it if results cannot be sustained.”
Our proprietary blend of processes and organizational climate features can be institutionalized to sustain results. These features are integrated with every interaction that we have with our clients. The leaders in our client organizations are also taught to integrate and reinforce these features into every aspect of their business.